A Captain Under Fire

Being an urban location, the city of Springfield does have its rough neighborhoods. Children grow up knowing how to protect themselves, get into more than one scuffle in junior high, and encounter the onslaught of illegalities that every modern teen must decide upon once entering high school. The crime rate is nothing to be gawked at, and everyone knows to lock their car doors and roll up their windows when driving or parking on the street for a night out. But who would have guessed that West Springfield, the town that was voted into a city just 12 short years ago, would have something in common with its more populous counterpart? Continue reading
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“Watching the Watchmen”

They go to work every day to serve and protect. They patrol the streets and keep society safe. When a citizen is in trouble, they are expected to come and assist. To help them complete these duties, they have been trained in the lethal arts and given licenses to carry weaponry. But how many of them have taken liberties with this duty, this privilege? How many have lost sight of the thin line between protecting the citizens and violating their civil rights? How often can that line be blurred in the midst of maintaining the peace? They are the police officers, the patrolmen, the ones at the other end of the emergency call service. They are the watchmen. But “who watches the watchmen?” as Alan Moore so aptly put it in his graphic novel, Watchmen. Continue reading
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More Than Meets the Eye

When you check the website, Limelight Stage and Studios says that “live band karaoke” is on Thursdays from 10pm to 2am. If you wanted to confirm beforehand, the phone number would lead you nowhere. You get an answering service that tells you to leave a message. If you try to find a calendar of events, the website asks you to sign up for an email listserve.

As such, the only way to really find out what is going on at this karaoke pit-stop is to actually go in person. Located on Tremont Street near the Boston Common, it is a relatively bustling area, with a real college crowd. The neighborhood is always packed, with plenty of opportunity. However, finding Limelight, right across the street from Emerson College, proved to be quite a feat. I stopped and stared at the small sign, with absolutely no neon to draw the casual eye. “You have to be kidding me,” I thought to myself. Continue reading

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German Surfing At Its Best

Kings Restaurant cancelled karaoke this past Thursday night. Instead, they tuned the radio to the ever-present Republican debate, much to Nancy and Luis’ disappointment. Luis had been there many times before and wanted to show his friend a good time.

After the two of them sat down and ordered a drink, Luis asked the bartender when they would be able to sing. Once he found out that his go-to karaoke place would not cooperate with him that evening, he was done waiting. “We just left that place and came to Limelight,” he said.  Nancy looked at him and grinned. “I got dressed up and wanted to show it off,” she said cheerfully. What better way is there to flaunt a new outfit than to sing on stage at a karaoke bar? Continue reading

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Opening Credits

Being new to the blogging world, I believe I will get my feet wet with a lot of contemplation. I love the nightlife, especially the karaoke scene, and will focus mainly on music and all that comes with the world of rock and roll… the drugs, the partying. No, wait, that would be bad. Continue reading

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