Opening Credits

Being new to the blogging world, I believe I will get my feet wet with a lot of contemplation. I love the nightlife, especially the karaoke scene, and will focus mainly on music and all that comes with the world of rock and roll… the drugs, the partying. No, wait, that would be bad.

Instead, I will be checking out a few local pitstops throughout the coming week, where a normal person could get a feel for the extraordinary life. Where an introvert can take the mic and belt out a tune, where a schoolteacher can dance in front of her drunken friends and be unashamed.

Currently on the list are local favorites, Limelight on Tremont Street and Kings Restaurant on Dalton Street, both in the wonderful city of Boston. If you want to be a part of my story, you will show up on Thursday night, vocals fully warmed up and good to go. Then you will impress me with your powers of entertainment and get the crowd going. I bid you luck and adieu.

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