German Surfing At Its Best

Kings Restaurant cancelled karaoke this past Thursday night. Instead, they tuned the radio to the ever-present Republican debate, much to Nancy and Luis’ disappointment. Luis had been there many times before and wanted to show his friend a good time.

After the two of them sat down and ordered a drink, Luis asked the bartender when they would be able to sing. Once he found out that his go-to karaoke place would not cooperate with him that evening, he was done waiting. “We just left that place and came to Limelight,” he said.  Nancy looked at him and grinned. “I got dressed up and wanted to show it off,” she said cheerfully. What better way is there to flaunt a new outfit than to sing on stage at a karaoke bar?

Luis making a song selection at Limelight on Tremont Street

From looking at the pair, you would never be able to tell they had only met the day before. They talked, laughed and shared inside jokes, much like old friends. However, Nancy was visiting from Germany and staying with friends in Worcester, MA. She hadn’t seen them in years and made plans to spend her “holiday” catching up. After two weeks in Worcester (“Who ever says they want to go to Worcester?” she joked), she longed to spend a week in Boston, but could not pay for a hotel. A close friend pointed her towards “It’s so amazing, you have to try it, there are people that will let you sleep on their couch for free!” she said.

Nancy waiting for the stage at Limelight on Tremont Street

She met Luis after being matched up with him on the site. “You never really do the tourist thing when you live in a city, it takes someone visiting to get you out there,” he explained, as Nancy described going on a bus tour where the two of them “spent most of the day in a graveyard.” They both agreed that matched individuals much better than most of the online dating sites that singles frequent nowadays.

Nancy and Luis enjoyed the rest of their night at Limelight on Tremont Street in the Boston Common. Nancy dared to sing Michael Jackson and Boys to Men, while Luis crooned to tunes of The Cure, Cutting Crew, and Eric Carmen.

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