Deborah Brancic is a recent Master’s grad from Northeastern University, where she obtained her MA in Journalism. She received her BA in Journalism from NYU in 2006.
Shortly after graduating from New York University, Deborah returned home to Massachusetts and finagled her way into working for an NBC affiliate station as a photographer — driving the news vans, filming reporters, and creatively cutting packages and VO-SOTs for air (extra points if you know what those are).
When she grew tired of the fast life, she retired to FL (as all older, 20-somethings do). Deborah tried her hand at creative writing while working for Nielsen Media on the graveyard shift, then moved on to editing other people’s mess-ups at PostcardMania.
Once the glitz and glamour of FL wore off, she called her sister, found out she was attending Northeastern University, and decided to join her in the bustling city of Boston. Although the motivation was mostly for the homecoming party she would receive upon her return.
To be continued…
Having achieved her graduate degree in journalism from Northeastern University in just over a year’s time, this future hero of the American public quickly grew bored and longed for something new. Having obtained significant connections at NECN and the MetroWest Daily News, for whom she had performed numerous favors of a work variety, she decided to expand her horizons.
Eyes darting across the continent to the Pacific, she took a breath and formulated a plan. If only there was some way to reach the opposite coast, she may soon find her life’s purpose.
To be continued…

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